Hello! I am Tara Khandelwal an editor, writer and a founder of Bound. My journey as an entrepreneur and editor has been nothing but fulfilling. I began my startup Bound to help writers like you go from good to great. We  provide editorial services, online classes, one on one mentoring and more. My team of veteran editors and I look forward to working with you on your book!

We provide editorial services for authors, biographers, business writers, academics, journalists and non-profits. We work with all genres.

I have edited the following books: (Please note that these are only the books which have been published by major publishing houses. We have also worked on countless other works in progress and evaluated many manuscripts):


Demystifying Indian Publishing


Research Report by
Tara Khandelwal, Aishwarya Javalgekar & Michelle D’costa

What do you want to know about publishing in India?

  • The scope size of the industry?

  • What genres are people reading?

  • How does a story become a book?

  • What do editors look for in a manuscript?

  • How are books commissioned?


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Demystifying Indian Publishing:

Bound's Industry Insights

It is based on our experience and inputs from leading professionals such as publishers, editors, authors, and bookstore owners.

It highlights important trends in the Indian publishing industry over the last 10 years, significant changes that occurred during the pandemic and our predictions for the future.

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Wondering what other Indians are reading but too shy to ask? Curious about literary festivals? Well, this is the document for you! From data on who’s reading what, which book is on the charts, and how to pick the perfect book, we have all the answers right here!


Always wanted to know your way around the perfect manuscript? Wanted someone to guide your way to the next award nomination? Does India even have a market for what you write? We’ve done the research for you so you can focus on writing. Now is your time to get that book out!


Trying to figure what to publish next? Are people even reading anymore? If so, what are readership trends? Target YA or Adult book markets? You’ll find answers to these and know more on the future of publishing. All in one document!

Podcast Production Free Resources


EAR TO THE GROUND: Bound’s Insights On Podcast Production In India


By Tara Khandelwal and Aishwarya Javalgekar

Exclusive tips and insights on what podcast creators and listeners are ACTUALLY looking for

  • The Indian podcast scene

  • How to start a high quality podcast?

  • Tips on how to grow and monetize your podcast

  • Inferences that won’t be available anywhere else

  • New opportunities in podcasting


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