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Thanks for submitting!

  • Do you provide sample edits?
    No, we do not provide sample edits. The most difficult part of an edit is the first ten pages – that’s where the editor comes to understand the author’s patterns, gets into the story and more. It is very difficult to gauge the level of edit by just a few sample pages. Only by reading the entire book not once but two or three can an editor do a really good job. We focus on quality over quantity.
  • What are your prices and timelines?
    Depends on the scope of work. Please send in a few sample pages of your work to us at either or to take the conversation ahead.
  • Who will be editing my book?
    Our team of editors has extensive industry experience, all vetted by me. You can be assured of nothing but the highest quality working with any one of our editors. Read more about our team on
  • I want only you to edit my book:
    Due to high demand, I only take on select work at a premium rate. Do write in to me at to take the conversation ahead, and we’ll see what we can do!
  • How many rounds of edits do your provide?
    Typically there is one round of edits and one phone call to clarify your doubts. If you want more intervention, we offer one on one mentorship programs in the form of once a week editorial sessions. You can read about it here:
  • How do I know what service I need?
    Usually, one begins with a structural edit. Once the story is set in stone, one moves on to a line edit. A copy edit is usually the last stage of the journey.
  • Can you connect me to publishers?
    If we really believe in the work, we can put you in touch with the literary agent we work with (Kanishka Gupta). However, this is not a paid service and is only for those clients whose work we think is ready to be picked up by a mainstream publisher.
  • Can you guide me on the publishing process?
    More than happy to!
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